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A romantic getaway



Let us arrange for you a journey to one of the most sought after romantic getaways in Greece and the world. A picture perfect destination awaits you and your loved ones to rediscover yourself and make this, a cruise of a lifetime.


An eruption of emotions

Breathtaking views and a wild scenery like no other is what the last big volcanic eruption in Santorini has bestowed on us, 3,600 years ago during the Minoan Age. A gift of nature, this world famous crescent-shaped island of the southern Cyclades, stands proud of its history and emerges like a majestic rock formation to captivate us with its otherworldly beauty and exquisitely majestic seashores.


Beaches born out of ashes

There is no other place in Greece that gives you so many reasons to visit its seaside treasures. Santorini is the closest you will ever get to a lunar landing on earth. Red beach is one of them, a small beach of red sand surrounded by a unique landscape of red and black volcanic rocks. In a similar vein, white beach is a seashore covered in black pebbles surrounded by white impressive cliffs. Perissa beach is another testament of nature’s astonishing beauty with black sand, deep blue crystalline waters and a spellbinding view of Mesa Vouno, the enormous rock that rises from the sea. Not far away, Kamari beach is a fully organised black sand beach with a similar impressive landscape. For more private moments, the picturesque Vlychada beach is an excellent option, while Gialos beach offers a stunning view over the volcano.


Discover the landmarks
The volcano is certainly a must see. The caldera of Santorini is a natural wonder, a result of 12 huge eruptions causing the collapse of the volcano’s core to create an underwater crater surrounded by huge rock formations.

At the far north end of the caldera, rises the cosmopolitan town of Oia, a picturesque place filled with whitewashed small houses and a sunset that will forever burn in your memory. If you wish to visit the island’s bar scene with an amazing volcano view, then Fira is the place to be. Ancient Thera, perched on Mesa Vouno between the beaches of Perissa and Kamari, offers an amazing panoramic view of surrounding islands. The archaeological site of Akrotiri is also one of the main attractions of Santorini and a lively evidence of the island’s rich history.



Red Beach | White Beach | Perissa Beach | Kamari Beach
Vlychada Beach | Gialos Beach


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Volcano | Oia | Fira | Ancient Thera
Akrotiri Archeological Site