Experience Unmatched Luxury and Style with Tesoro Yachts

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Experience Unmatched Luxury and Style with Tesoro Yachts


Stepping aboard a yacht should be more than just a journey; it should be an entry into a realm of unparalleled luxury and meticulously curated adventure. At Yaloou, we don’t just understand this—we create it.

Introducing the next sensation in yacht charter service: Tesoro Yachts.

These groundbreaking vessels are more than just a blend of innovative design, comfort, and sustainability—they redefine the nautical experience in the heart of the mesmerizing Greek landscapes.

Explore with us the unique allure of these extraordinary Tesoro yachts.

An unforgettable journey aboard the Tesoro 40 Inboard

The Tesoro 40 Inboard yacht presents a lifestyle of plush comfort and elegant sophistication.

The distinctive design, centered around a versatile stern solarium that unfolds into a sprawling sunbed, invites you to lounge in leisure and soak up the warmth of the Mediterranean sun. Be it observing the dazzling hues of a Greek sunset or stargazing under a clear Aegean night sky, the sunbed ensures your relaxation is uncompromised and intimate.

Beyond the comfort of the sunbed, the spacious deck, expands the range of activities and entertainment available to you and your guests. It’s a versatile space for hosting an intimate cocktail evening under the Mykonos moonlight or for a refreshing morning yoga session as the sun rises over the shores of Paros.

From the peaceful allure of Paros, transition to the pulsating heart of Greek nightlife— Mykonos. Here, the Tesoro 40 Inboard becomes your exclusive vantage point to witness the island’s buzzing nightlife. Anchor near the world-renowned beach bar, Scorpios, and soak in the vibrant energy of its sundowner parties, live music, and international DJs. All while you bask in the luxury of your private yacht, sipping on premium spirits, and indulging in gourmet food prepared by our expert crew.

Venturing inside the Tesoro 40 Inboard, you are welcomed by an ambiance of elegance and exclusivity. The new hull windows and cabin’s skylight flood the interior with natural light, creating an inviting atmosphere throughout the day. At night, they offer a window to a celestial display as you drift off to sleep to the gentle lullaby of the sea. The yacht is designed to provide an unforgettable journey for your Greek voyage.

Embark on the Tesoro 40 Outboard experience

When it comes to the Tesoro 40 Outboard, the adventure truly begins at the water’s edge. Its groundbreaking exterior design features a convenient hydraulic swim platform, inviting you for a refreshing plunge into the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean. This yacht delivers a dynamic experience, opening up a world of aquatic adventure right off the deck, whether it’s a cool morning dip or an adrenaline-pumping dive into the depths.

Stepping aboard the Tesoro 40 Outboard, you will immediately notice the generous spaces on the solarium. The yacht’s thoughtful design prioritizes safety and comfort in every inch of space. Secure corridors seamlessly connect each area on the deck, assuring smooth transitions from one experience to another, while the expansive sunbathing areas are perfect for soaking up the Greek sun or sharing leisurely meals with friends and family.

Inside the yacht, you are greeted by a world of luxury that mirrors the charm of Greece’s landscapes. The spacious and stylish cabins cater to your every need. By day, large windows reveal panoramic views of the Aegean Sea, transforming the interior into a sunny sanctuary of relaxation. By night, they create an intimate setting bathed in the soft glow of the moon. It’s this commitment to experience, comfort, and luxury that sets the Tesoro 40 Outboard apart, creating memorable journeys as you island-hop across Greece’s most enticing destinations.

Sustainability Meets Luxury in our Tesoro Yachts

The Tesoro brand stands out through its advanced technology and dedication to sustainability. By incorporating natural fiber reinforcement fabrics and carbon fiber, Tesoro offers high-performance yachts without compromising ecological responsibility.

These vessels reaffirm Yaloou’s commitment to luxurious, yet eco-friendly sailing in the pristine waters of Greece.

Yaloou’s bespoke services aboard Tesoro Yachts

Every journey with Yaloou is personalized to perfection.

In creating a Yaloou voyage, we align our services with your desires, mirroring the luxurious ambiance of the Tesoro.

Our DJ services transform the yacht into a vibrant dance floor, creating the perfect ambiance for your pleasure, whether it’s an energizing daytime soundtrack or soothing tunes as the sun sets over the Mediterranean. Coupled with an array of premium spirits, your evenings on board Tesoro are transformed into exclusive social events, mirroring the sophisticated nightlife of Greece’s vibrant islands.

For the adventurous spirit, our Tesoro yachts offer a range of thrilling water toys, from snorkel equipment to paddleboards, adding an adventurous dimension to your journey.

Enjoy a dip in the crystal-clear waters of Greece or simply bask in the sun on the spacious deck.

Discover Greece in style with Yaloou’s itineraries

Our expertly crafted itineraries guide you through the heart of Greece’s most captivating islands aboard the Tesoro yachts.

Our voyages also unveil the distinct charm of islands like Paros, known for its traditional Cycladic architecture and vibrant beach culture, or Mykonos, famed for its stylish beach clubs and bustling nightlife. As you sail these captivating waters, the luxury of Tesoro, coupled with Yaloou’s bespoke services, ensures an immersive Greek journey.

Your luxurious Greek voyage awaits

Tesoro yachts, the new trendsetters in luxury sailing, offer an unmatched blend of innovation, sustainability, and style. When paired with Yaloou’s commitment to personalization and exceptional service, a voyage on these vessels transcends beyond an ordinary charter experience – it becomes a luxury adventure.

We invite you to embark on a journey across the enchanting Aegean Sea, where the allure of Greece meets the sophistication of Tesoro.

Experience the ultimate in Greek yacht voyages with Yaloou and Tesoro today