What will a half-day yacht tour for a minimum of 4 people include?

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What will a half-day yacht tour for a minimum of 4 people include?


Whether you seek Instagram-worthy experiences, a tour of Mykonos must-visit beaches within just 5 hours, or an electrifying yacht-party atmosphere, Yaloou has you covered. Here’s what you can expect from our fun-packed half-day yacht tours in Mykonos.

Sun-kissed mornings or star-lit evenings

Our half-day yacht tour offers two distinct itineraries, each designed to embrace the contrasting allure of the Aegean.

Whether you choose to set sail in the sun-drenched morning at 10:30 am or bask in the glow of the setting sun with a late afternoon departure at 4:00 pm, our flexible itineraries ensure that every moment aboard our yacht is perfectly tailored to you.

The morning Odyssey yacht tour

Our morning itinerary sets the stage for a day full of excitement and glamour.

We chart a course across the sapphire waters towards the most popular beaches of Mykonos. Picture yourself cruising past the sun-drenched shores of Psarou and Platis Gialos, where the glitterati lounge in style.

Our route strategically positions you at the heart of the beach scene around lunchtime.

Imagine anchoring at Nammos, the beach club famous for its vibrant atmosphere and luxurious services. From there, hop over to Scorpios. Here, you can enjoy a delectable lunch, sip on chilled champagne, and be a part of the pulsating beach life that has made Mykonos an international sensation.

The sunset soiree

For those seeking to bask in the romantic allure of the setting sun, our late afternoon itinerary is just the thing.

Our routes take you along the golden coasts of Mykonos. As the afternoon mellows into a breathtaking sunset, visit stops along the coast or anchor in a beach-lined bay to party in the spectacle of nature’s grand finale. As the day turns into a starlit night, our yacht becomes your exclusive viewing platform for the celestial show above as the fun continues on the water.

Photo by © Vivek Vadoliya

Regardless of your itinerary, Yaloou guarantees an unforgettable adventure tailored to your preferences and punctuated by the beauty of Greece.

Personalized yachting services

Your journey with Yaloou begins at the scenic Ornos beach, where a dedicated representative welcomes you onboard. This is the start of our commitment to providing a seamless, personalized yachting experience.

From the moment you step onto our yacht, our team, rich in local knowledge and yachting expertise, is at your service. They’re always ready to assist with requests, share local insights, or simply ensure comfort.

As you conclude your day at sea, the same friendly face will be there at disembarkation, bringing your Yaloou experience full circle. With us, you’re not just chartering a yacht – you’re stepping into a world of attentive service and Greek hospitality.

The most stylish yachts on the water

Step aboard one of our stylish yachts as we navigate toward the island’s most sought-after locales.

Our fleet of yachts, perfectly designed for your half-day tours, marry the best of style and performance, ensuring your journey is as exhilarating as the destination itself. Not only do we own our yachts, but we take immense pride in their maintenance, ensuring that your journey with us is always a premium experience.

Choose the Scorpion 28 G2, a sleek and stylish yacht with a sporty edge, ideal for those seeking a thrilling voyage. Its powerful performance and spacious deck provide the perfect setting for a captivating day at sea.

If space and luxury are your top priorities, the Skipper 42 is an excellent choice. This yacht embodies elegance and sophistication with its ample space and chic design, ensuring every moment aboard feels exclusive.
For those who crave speed and style, the Fjord Xpress 38 is a perfect fit. Its design fuses power with luxury, offering a speedy ride without compromising comfort.

Finally, the 40 Technohull Explorer is for explorers who seek a balance of performance, comfort, and style. Its design is a blend of sleek lines and modern amenities, creating an ideal environment for a memorable voyage.

The Mykonos experience amplified

To make your yacht tour experience truly stand out, we offer optional extras to elevate your adventure.

Fancy capturing the day’s excitement with high-resolution drone photos or professional photography? Our team can arrange it, ensuring you’ll have breathtaking visuals to reminisce about your trip or to share your exclusive yacht adventure with your online audience.

Take your entertainment up a notch with our selection of water toys, including SEA BOB and snorkeling gear. Dive into the clear Aegean waters or skim across its surface, adding a dose of adrenaline to your day.

Stay connected throughout your voyage with our 5G internet service onboard. Whether you’re streaming your favorite tunes, sharing live updates on social media, or just need to send an important email, you’ll enjoy uninterrupted connectivity at sea.

Additionally, to make your Yaloou experience even smoother, we offer the convenience of arranging a hotel pick-up at an additional charge. Also, our flexible pricing model is tailored according to the number of passengers, ensuring an experience that’s both unique and accessible to your group.

With Yaloou, you’re not just chartering a yacht – you’re creating a personal, Instagram-worthy narrative that seamlessly blends adventure, luxury, and unparalleled service.

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Ready to make waves and turn heads on an unforgettable half-day yacht adventure in the vibrant waters of Mykonos?

With prices starting around 1K for a minimum of four guests, our personalized half-day yacht tours offer the perfect blend of style and accessibility. Choose from our impressive fleet of RIBS, designed to make a statement and capture attention.

With optional extras like drone photos, professional photography, and thrilling water toys, you can share all your epic moments with the world.

Immerse yourself in the glamorous Mykonos atmosphere as you cruise along the coast, visit famous beaches, and soak up the sun. This is your chance to be seen and to create an Instagram-worthy experience.
Contact us and embark on a half-day yacht tour that exudes style and leaves a lasting impression on Yaloou.

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