Yaloou - Official Yachting Partner of Bagatelle Mykonos

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Yaloou, Official Yachting Partner of the Bagatelle Mykonos


Yaloou Yachting achieved a rare and valuable collaboration on the island of Mykonos. Yaloou, has become the Official Yachting Partner of the Bagatelle Mykonos, a proud member of the BAGATELLE GROUP

Join us if you fancy cruising on the azure waters of the Aegean Sea, on a luxurious yacht, drinking your favourite French chilled Chardonnay, having a reserved table for a sunset dinner at the Bagatelle Garden in Mykonos waiting for you.

Bagatelle Mykonos

French Riviera meets Mykonos at Bagatelle one of the top restaurants

Dock your Yaloou yacht and step into a different world at Bagatelle. Here, the laid-back ambiance of Mykonos and the refined elegance of the French Riviera blend seamlessly. Led by Executive Chef Jules Pronost, a culinary virtuoso hailing from Avignon, France, Bagatelle takes you on an extraordinary gastronomic journey.

Bagatelle Mykonos

Chef Pronost, with his impressive background in culinary hotspots like London, Paris, and Ibiza, offers a rich and innovative menu. His signature dishes, like the decadent Truffle Pizza and the refreshing Tuna Tartare, bring a touch of French sophistication to the fresh, local ingredients of Mykonos.

Coupled with the vibrant energy of live music and the stunning backdrop of a Greek sunset, Bagatelle transforms dining into an unforgettable culinary spectacle.


Intrigued ? Visit our island and keep the Captain’s hat on.