Top Restaurants to Savor in Mykonos

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Culinary Delights on the Island of the Winds: Top Restaurants to Savor in Mykonos


Your journey around Mykonos on a Yaloou luxury yacht isn’t just about stunning vistas and ultimate relaxation—it’s also about discovering the island’s diverse food culture.

Known as the ‘Island of the Winds,’ Mykonos’ top restaurants offer an impressive variety of dining experiences, from traditional Greek cuisine to exciting international fusions.

This guide will introduce you to some of the top restaurants in Mykonos, each one providing unique culinary delights to enrich your yachting adventure.

Discover a bohemian paradise at Scorpios with top restaurants

Nestled amidst the crystal clear waters of Paraga Bay, Scorpios offers more than just an indulgence for your taste buds.

Photo by © Vivek Vadoliya

As you step off your Yaloou yacht at Scorpios, you’re greeted by an environment that exudes bohemian elegance. The dishes here, inspired by the simplicity of Mykonian gastronomy, include organic, sun-drenched offerings.

Each bite of their Scorpios Mezze—a melange of seasonal produce and local cheese—or the Mykonian Louza—a delicacy of cured pork, is a testament to their commitment to authenticity. The bohemian paradise pulsates with soulful music, the scent of the sea, and enchanting sunsets, painting a sensory masterpiece that accompanies every meal.

Photo by © Robert Rieger

French Riviera meets Mykonos at Bagatelle one of the top restaurants

Dock your Yaloou yacht and step into a different world at Bagatelle. Here, the laid-back ambiance of Mykonos and the refined elegance of the French Riviera blend seamlessly. Led by Executive Chef Jules Pronost, a culinary virtuoso hailing from Avignon, France, Bagatelle takes you on an extraordinary gastronomic journey.

Chef Pronost, with his impressive background in culinary hotspots like London, Paris, and Ibiza, offers a rich and innovative menu. His signature dishes, like the decadent Truffle Pizza and the refreshing Tuna Tartare, bring a touch of French sophistication to the fresh, local ingredients of Mykonos.

Coupled with the vibrant energy of live music and the stunning backdrop of a Greek sunset, Bagatelle transforms dining into an unforgettable culinary spectacle.

A Latin fiesta amidst Greek Isles at ITA

ITA effortlessly transports your taste buds from the Aegean Sea to the pulsating heart of Latin America.

Tucked away in a vibrant corner of Mykonos, ITA brings a Latin Fiesta amidst the Greek isles. The Habanero Scallop Tiradito, a fiery yet refreshing symphony of spice, and the Pork Belly Tacos, a harmonious blend of succulent pork and crunchy taco shells, showcase the restaurant’s daring Mexican and Peruvian fusion.

This gastronomic fiesta, filled with bold flavors and a lively ambiance, reinvents the Mykonian dining experience, creating a kaleidoscope of culinary memories to cherish long after your Yaloou yacht sets sail for the next adventure.

An underground haven at Spilia Seaside

Nestled into the rocky landscape of Agia Anna, adjacent to the picturesque Kalafatis beach, Spilia Seaside Restaurant sits perched on a natural platform, hovering just above the waves of the Aegean. Discover one of Mykonos’ top restaurants with an amazing view.

The moment you disembark from your Yaloou yacht, you are immersed in a unique “dining on the sea” experience. At Spilia, dining truly merges with nature. From their natural sea pool, fresh catches such as oysters, mussels, and lobsters are prepared before your eyes.

Dishes like the renowned Lobster Spaghetti encapsulate the spirit of the Aegean, bringing forth a palate of robust flavors and delicate textures that echo the restaurant’s surrounding maritime environment.

A fresh take on Greek gastronomy at Pere Ubu

Discover the art of “Fun Dining” at Pere Ubu, a culinary hotspot in cosmopolitan in the renowned and idyllic luxurious hotel Kalesma in Aleomandra / Agios Ioannis. Under the guidance of Chef Kostas Tsigkas, known for his innovation and creativity, Pere Ubu presents a novel approach to Greek gastronomy.

Selecting the finest ingredients from Greece and beyond, the culinary team expertly melds international influences with the cherished essence of Mediterranean cuisine from their extensive menu of 106 dishes ranging from a nutritious breakfast bowl to a delightful Black Angus tagliata.

Enjoy their innovative menu while overlooking the stunning Aegean, a pairing as harmonious as the fusion of flavors you will experience in every dish. Whether you choose a full-course meal or a quick bar bite, there is always something new to relish at Pere Ubu.

Mediterranean cuisine meets minimalistic elegance at The Wild

In the heart of Mykonos lies The Wild, a culinary oasis that marries Mediterranean cuisine with minimalistic elegance. Living by the slow food philosophy, The Wild is all about enjoying food tied to experience, elevating your senses, and pleasing your palate with local produce and fresh ingredients cooked using traditional techniques.

Discover a diverse menu that includes everything from homemade breads and power smoothies for breakfast to savory steamed mussels with freshly cut french fries for lunch. Savor the Fisherman’s Oyster at their RAW restaurant, a delightful fusion of Mediterranean and Japanese flavors crafted by Greek-Japanese chef Kazuaki Shitamori.

The Wild serves delicious cuisine and creates an ambiance of understated elegance that perfectly complements your luxurious Yaloou journey.

A glamorous affair at Jackie O’

Jackie O’ takes dining to new heights of glamour and style.

This renowned beach club restaurant delivers an exquisite menu that celebrates the opulence of seafood and the joy of classic cocktails. With offerings such as the sumptuous Jackie O’ Lobster Pasta, cooked to perfection with tomato sauce, brandy, and tarragon, or the refreshing Jackie O’ Punch, a tropical blend of premium spirits, the dining experience boasts a relaxed and stylish atmosphere.

As you dine under the Mykonos stars, looking out over Super Paradise Bay, Jackie O’ offers a chic gastronomic affair perfectly harmoniously with your luxury Yaloou yachting experience.

Reviving Cycladic gastronomy at Noema

Noema in Mykonos artfully reinvents Cycladic culinary traditions in a contemporary tableau.

With a culinary ethos grounded in respect for nature and Greek heritage, Noema delivers unique gastronomic experiences. Their kitchen, helmed by Culinary Director Athinagoras Kostakos, presents masterful renditions of Greek classics such as Dolmadakia and Tuna Tartare, while the mixology team spotlights local products, seasonality, and sustainability.
Offering taverna-style shared plates, Noema’s menu brims with fresh catch, local harvests, and creative meze. The dining journey at Noema is an intimate exploration of Mykonos, adding a flavorful dimension to your Yaloou adventure.

A Luxurious Carnivore’s Dream at Beefbar

This culinary gem is nestled within the award-winning Bill & Coo Hotel on Mykonos’ famous Agios Ioannis Beach. This meat lover’s paradise presents a menu that boasts the world’s finest selection of meticulously sourced Black Angus and Wagyu beef, infused with a fresh Greek twist, courtesy of the innovative team led by Riccardo Giraudi.

Savour age-old favorites with the whispering mulberry trees overhead and panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. Beefbar promises an intimate dining experience of unrivaled quality that exceeds the expectations of even the most discerning diners.

Topos Restaurant: The new hot Mykonian entry that promises a gastronomical magic

The trendsetter of hotels, the vibing Mykonian oasis Domes Noruz Hotel, part of the iconic Domes Hotels has just opened in Mykonos in Agios Stefanos and its flagship is the amazing TOPOS Restaurant. Indulge in a symphony of flavors in the new hot entry, where every dish is a culinary masterpiece crafted with passion and precision. From the delicate fusion of locally sourced ingredients to the breathtaking panoramic views that adorn the elegant dining space, TOPOS promises an unforgettable gastronomic journey that will leave you craving for more.

Accompany your dishes with a wide array of special signature cocktails or a selection of wines and beverages. Sip every drop that the experienced personnel will help you choose that will fit perfectly with the gastronomical experience.

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