The 4 Best Things to Do while Chartering a Boat at Mykonos

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The 4 Best Things to Do while Chartering a Boat at Mykonos Beaches


Embrace the captivating appeal of Mykonos, a Mediterranean jewel that blends luxury and cosmopolitan charm with its golden beaches and deep blue seas.

This Cycladic gem offers more than just a typical Mediterranean holiday; it’s an invitation to explore the extraordinary, especially when you charter a boat. Whether for an immersive 5-hour tour or an indulgent week-long journey, chartering a boat with Yaloou will transform how you experience this enchanting island.

In this guide, we’ll explore the top four reasons to charter a boat in Mykonos with Yaloou, unveiling a world of secluded beaches, hidden gems, unmatched privacy, and exclusive onboard activities.

Let’s dive in.

#1: Discover your own private paradise by chartering a boat in Mykonos

Mykonos, with its radiant sunshine and crystal clear waters, is renowned for its breathtaking beaches. However, the magic truly unfolds when you venture off the beaten path.

Chartering a boat on Mykonos allows you to discover secluded beaches and private paradises that are hidden from the common tourist trails, especially in Mykonos south coast beaches.

Consider the sheer delight of steering your luxurious yacht towards Platis Yialos beach, an unspoiled retreat tucked away in the island’s northeast corner.

Or head towards Agrari Beach, a tranquil haven offering a serene alternative to its more populated neighbor, Super Paradise Beach. Here, you can revel in the sun, savor the awe-inspiring views, and luxuriate in a day of peace, far from the regular hustle and bustle.

Your private beach experience doesn’t stop there; it also invites you to immerse yourself in the serene waters for a rejuvenating swim or an invigorating snorkeling adventure.

Further, you will find Elia Beach, a small paradise known only to a few. Accessible mainly by boat, this hidden gem embodies the idyllic beauty of Mykonos, away from the crowds, surrounded by unspoiled natural beauty.

Likewise, Kalo Livadi Beach and Kalafati Beach offer an unspoiled getaway known for its golden sand and tranquil atmosphere.

Or, consider the exotic Paraga Beach, which offers a unique, undisturbed view of the Aegean Sea. These quiet retreats underscore the hidden charm of Mykonos, the charm best experienced with Yaloou.

If you are looking for more cosmopolitan beaches, you may visit the well-known Psarou beach, Paradise Beach, and Agia Anna Beach for a sheer pleasure experience.

#2: Unearth hidden gems of Mykonos

Exploring Mykonos in its full glory isn’t only about lounging on secluded beaches or diving into the turquoise Aegean Sea. It’s about experiencing the island’s pulse, uncovering its lesser-known treasures, and making memories that resonate with the authentic Greek spirit.

Chartering a boat in Mykonos with Yaloou, you’re not only getting a ride but unlocking a journey guided by experienced captains and crew members deeply rooted in Mykonos and its lore.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Delos, the mythical birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, is just a short boat ride away from Mykonos. From the comfort of your Yaloou yacht, marvel at the archaeological grandeur of Delos, or delve deeper into its ancient mysteries with a guided tour.

Or dock your yacht near an authentic local taverna nestled away from the mainstream tourist paths. These hidden gems, often nestled on quiet beaches or tucked into tiny villages, are renowned for their sumptuous grilled meats, fresh seafood, and authentic Greek salads.

Enjoy a meal in the quaint, rustic setting, or better yet, get a takeaway and savor it on board your private Yaloou yacht, pairing your feast with a stunning sea view. Enjoying local cuisine this way gives a deeper understanding of the island’s culture, connecting you to the true spirit of Mykonos.

From snorkeling in the Aegean’s vibrant underwater world to savoring local gastronomy, the benefits of chartering a boat with Yaloou are abundant. The secret, however, lies in the local knowledge and the personalized experience that Yaloou offers, opening the door to a Mykonos usually unseen by the typical traveler.

#3: Experience unrivaled privacy

One of the greatest luxuries when chartering a boat in Mykonos is privacy. Being able to escape the crowds, set your own schedule, and enjoy the exclusivity of your own private yacht makes for an unforgettable experience.

At Yaloou, we take your privacy seriously. Our discreet staff ensures your journey remains confidential and private, while providing exceptional service to cater to your every need.

Our fleet of luxury yachts offers a seamless blend of style, sophistication, and comfort. On board the Fjord 38 Xpress, the sophisticated Azimut 80 or the sleek Tesoro yachts, you can shape your day as you wish. Lounge on the expansive sun deck, indulge in watersports from the swim platform, or simply relish the serenity of the sea, all in your personal floating sanctuary.

#4: Engaging in exclusive onboard activities while chartering a boat at Mykonos

Selecting the right yacht charter provides an array of onboard experiences that go beyond simple transportation. They offer a variety of activities that can enhance your journey significantly.

You’ll be able to enjoy sightseeing, with scenic views all around. Pull up to the most iconic beach bars for refreshments or let the crew prepare delicious snacks or meals that cater to various tastes.

You can swim in the surrounding waters or engage in exciting water sports for more active pursuits. Yachts also cater to entertainment needs, providing music and an atmosphere conducive to socializing.

Yaloou also provides optional add-on services such as professional photography, including drone shots. This feature allows you to capture your memorable experiences, adding to the overall enjoyment of your charter.

These elements combined ensure your yacht journey is more than just a trip – it’s an enjoyable experience.

Exploring Mykonos best beaches by chartering a boat with Yaloou

Yaloou invites you to embark on a unique Mykonos adventure where luxury, privacy, and tailored experiences take center stage.

You will encounter Mykonos as never before as you discover secluded beaches, unearth hidden gems, and luxuriate in private comfort.

Our exclusive onboard activities and personalized services make your journey more than a boat ride; it’s an unforgettable experience.

So, why wait? Charter a boat in Mykonos. The turquoise waters and the Yaloou team await to welcome you aboard.

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