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Say Yaloou to an exclusive way of exploring the magnificent beauty of Greece.

We are a specialised yachting and hospitality service, open to all travellers and free spirits who appreciate privacy and want to experience a rare, inspired, world class and highly rewarding time in their own terms. The promise of a truly rewarding adventure starts from our name. A combination of the words “ya sou” (γεια σου) and “hello”, Yaloou is an open invitation to live an amazing, carefree experience around the Greek coastline, the yalo.

Starting out from the famous island of Mykonos, we offer a one of a kind yachting, private jetting and hospitality service that makes the extraordinary, an everyday, every minute of the hour habit. Let us take you on journey of discovery and rediscovery and be spoilt by the unspoiled beauty of Greece. From virgin turquoise coastlines and secluded inviting coves via crimson sunsets you may enjoy from the privacy of your villa or hotel suite and way up high into the sky. Say Yaloou to the ultimate yachting and hospitality experience.

Discover the unforgettable.